AfroPunk Streetstyle

So I totally overcame my fear of approaching random people and asking to take their picture this weekend *pats self on back*. I was actually suprised at how enthusiastically people reacted to having their picture taken and giving me details on what they were wearing! I will definitely be doing more of this, especially with fashion week coming up!

I don’t remember who she was but she was killin’ it! A band from the Bay area, I think….

Ran into Stylish Thought and her sister

[All photos by Vanessa Rachelle]

These are some instagram pics I was able to snap (@VanessaBisoux). I wore our Bisoux “Don’t Mess With Me” Spike Necklace ($35 in our store) and got many a compliments *smile.* It went well with the whole AfroPunk vibe! I kept my arm swag in gold and earth tones.

BTW we’re offering a 20% off code for all the jewelry in our store for a limited time with code: AfroPunk. Limited quantities available.

Anywho, I hope everyone had a great weekend!

xoxox, Vanessa


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