My Dream

I want to be free!
A Bravebird, like Amel
I want to suck on sugar canes and feel the juice run down my lips, my neck, and finally hide themselves in the nooks of my hands
I want to wear sundresses on a daily basis
Wash and go hair
Flip-flops in every color
I want to be lost in the spell of a calypso beat among people who are caught in the same trance
I want the sun to kiss me under a mango tree while I nibble on passion fruit
I want to walk to an outside food market and know the produce is organic and natural
I want to be free
I want lazy days on the beach
Summer Rain
I want my meal of the day to come from whatever scent tantalizes my nose at that moment
I want to cook fried plantains and jerk chicken for dinner;
Pineapples and whip cream for dessert
I want my bicycle to be my main mode of transportation
I want to play “football” on Sundays
I want to write poetry on a balcony that overlooks the ocean
I want the sunset to bid me goodnight
And I want to be awakened by the caress of sunlight
I want canopy beds
I want to express my feelings and moods on canvas
I want bright colors
Red, Orange, Blue and Green!
I want the comfort of knowing my neighbors share my history
I want to be secluded, and I want to be “part of”
I want to be free
No deadlines, no rush hour traffic, no FDA no CIA
The simple life
My dream

(c) Vanessa Rigaud


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