Over the weekend…

Had the opportunity to style a music video with an up and coming (and super dope!) artist over the weekend with Bisoux Jewelry. Had so much fun vibing and working with Trew, who is amazing artist and person in general, and Cezil Reed of BAPart Films who is an impressive and passionate director (and high school friend!!!). Below are a few pics I instagrammed over the course of the 2-day shoot…

Haha, sleepy head! He was a little tired after opening for De La Soul the same day!

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Guess who’s bizzack…

Yeah…its been a while. Sorry, life happened! (excuses excuses, right?) I do, however, have soo many things to share with you all! I’ve found new inspirations. I’ve picked up photography. I became a semi-vegan. I traveled. I found new music. I (re)found the Lord. I will put you in the loop. So brace yo’ self!!! Here we go!

Am I your talent?

Kanye’s Runaway

In case you were living under a rock the past 2 days….

What this video means to me:

Expose your talents!  Don’t let the world cookie-cutter your gift,-bake it, pluck it and mold it into a sub-par, unrecognizable version of yourself . Its ok to go against the grain, its your duty! Be different, Be free!

I really thought this was beautiful ❤